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Who are we

We are committed to building

stronger families and communities.


Our mission is to assist families as it relates to children with behavioral challenges, thereby preventing juvenile delinquencies, family and community deterioration.


Our philosophy and vision:

​​Our philosophy is that all behavioral challenges have a root and by discovering the beginning of the problem and providing a venue for healing, families have the opportunity for a positive resolution.  Our vision is to provide a holistic avenue wherein families can develop and realize a healthy lifestyle that promoted change.  Feet to Faith Family Services, Inc. will specialize in family mentorship, training, and workshops, and other initiatives that promote the overall vision of the organization.​​

Company Goals:
Our goal is to empower, train, and equip families with the tools needed to foster a healthy, loving, and safe home that produces productive members of society.

Our President & Founder Chenique Pinder:

Chenique E. Pinder is a Certified Family Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Founder of Feet to Faith Family Services, Inc., a 501c3 organization based in Broward County, Florida. Her most important role, however, is that of wife to her husband Clyde and mother to their four children, George, Chiloh, Cheyenne, and Cierrah. Her faith and relationship with God motivate her to shift her generation through training, equipping, and mentoring the lives of those she encounters. Through the brokenness she faced in her own life, she has turned her pain into her passion and her purpose.

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